TO ALL OF OUR VALUED CUSTOMERS:   A message from Brenda....

My mother has had some serious health issues, and she's currently spending some time in a nursing home.  
We are hoping she will eventually be well enough to come home, but she won't be able to run this business
any longer, so we've made the very painful decision to close Oak Court Creations after 20+ years.  

We want you to continue to have access to products you have purchased from us.
Please contact me by fax at 877-972-4425, or by email at
I'll do my best to refer you to another source or give you contact info for the vendor,
although some of the minimum order quantities from the manufacturers can be quite high.

Rest assured that we have made arrangements with other suppliers to carry some of our
most popular items, including (but not limited to!) AromaArt© Air Freshener Shapes.

Thank you so much for trusting us to provide you with your craft supplies all these years...
we do appreciate it very deeply.  We'll really miss working with all of you.

With best regards and much affection,